Troop 691 Eagle Gifting Options

The following have been identified as Troop 691 gift opportunities. A gift from an Eagle Scout is a nice gesture, but is not a requirement.


  • Plastic folding banquet tables.
  • High-lumen battery powered lanterns to be used by patrols to light their respective tent areas which should be removed from cooking areas. Current electric lamps are mostly broken.
  • E-Z Up 10’ x 10’ shade structures.
  • Multi-burner propane stove-stands for adult cooking. Stove-stand to be used to heat water and cook using more than one large pots or skillets at the same time. This item can be found at the Propane Sales station on Edinger at the 55 Freeway.
  • Eureka “Terra 8” dome tents. 
  • Backpacking set-ups, including lightweight backpacking tent (2-person type), water purifier, stove and white gas canister.


  • Campership Contributions - These can be specific in nature, such as for summer camp scholarships, High Adventure costs, camping fees, personal equipment, uniforms, general Scout Shop credit, or to cover the cost of semi-annual dues, or they could go to the general Campership Fund.
  • Equipment Reserve Fund. This would be monies set aside for use to replenish worn equipment in general, such as ropes, poles, bungee cords, stakes and tools, such as brooms or axes. These could be specific or general designations.
  • Trailer Repair Fund. This money would be used to repair the trailer.

For more information on Eagle gifting options, use the Contact Us form and put Attn: Mike Bergler in the subject line.